Treading the pavement laid by NEP 2020 and to equip the Shivians with the indispensable AI techniques, Shiva Shiksha Sadan has assimilated Robotics in Computers for kids to make them future ready. Special Lego model robots take a few ticks of the clock to get assembled where children get more time to study unlike the robots which take hours to get assembled and ready for use.It's rightly said that in the AI epoch, one's competitor will not defeat one but the competitor with the knowledge of AI will.

In continued efforts of effective technology integration, most advanced modular robots have been secured from Denmark by Shiva Shiksha Sadan for more engaging, deep, creative, innovative and hands-on learning experiences.

The Shivians whole heartedly welcomed and enthusiastically participated in the interactive session with Mr. Robert Widger, who is an extraordinarily learned ROBOTIC EXPERT and carries experience of working with world’s top robotic companies and universities like Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) etc.. He travelled all the way from Denmark, Europe to interact with the students and to train our teachers about effective, seamless integration of Robotics with programming, coding, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other subjects wherever it could be integrated.