Laboratory is a place where science comes to life and becomes tangible. 

Shiva Shiksha Sadan takes immense pride in having well equipped, fully air-conditioned computer labs featuring latest systems, supervised fast-fiber terminated internet connections, installed over state-of-the-art secured networking environment.

School ensures that the computer lab is capacitated with the latest high performing systems 24x7. The whole IT paraphernalia keeps the students abreast of technological advancements and makes them tech-savvy to attain e-maturity. 

Not only the latest technology but also the spatial growth has been considered meticulously in these labs. Leading in the AI & IT sectors, the school runs 3 labs, observing age-appropriateness, for Primary Wing, Middle Wing and Senior Wing separately. Internet facility over Wi-Fi and LAN is provided to faculty to judiciously exploit the information available over world wide web harnessing best lessons integrated with digital aids.

At Shiva, students are encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses. Housing 3 voguish, separate STEM laboratories for hands-on-experiments, these well-designed, airy and well-lit labs are equipped with latest instruments and all required material. Careful guidance of highly-experienced teachers potentiate the students to not only perform various experiments to extend their horizons of knowledge but also to ignite their inquisitiveness. Aiming for holistic development of students, our labs function with an avant-garde approach in experiential learning too.

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