"Education is not so much of feeding of facts into the mind as the awakening of curiosity in the soul."

Every child is a prodigy in himself,

Driven forward by his exclusiveness.

It’s not about proving whether they are good,

But in discovering what they are good at.

We want them to create future, because they are the future.

Promoting creativity and inquisitiveness,

We envision to create happy, just and morally - enriched global leaders.


Shiva Shiksha Sadan, above and beyond the call of duty, mirrors its thoughts and beliefs by broadening learners’ horizons so that their world encompasses the whole of mankind and their environment. Aiming at building innovative reasoning which goes hand in hand with logical conclusion, we harness modernized technologies for e-maturity. We are committed to the children and aim to build in them an attitude of 'Learning to Love to Learn.' Leading with the best team of academia, we kaizen them so that our children are groomed with a cosmopolitan outlook.


Celebrating diversity in unity, here, in this educational abode, we work as a family where Each Person is Important. Keeping the well-being of our school’s community at heart, we believe in talking through the challenges faced by our children. We nurture the pupils with an inclusive approach, simultaneously tending to their exclusive needs. Lively and enquiring minds are developed here. Equal opportunities empower them to blossom as good human beings.

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